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  • A strong team of whitepaper and content writers, lawyers, digital experts and prominent blockchain marketers, with in-house design & software developers.

  • We are well experienced in developing ICO on Ethereum platform and are pioneer in writing whitepaper, lightpaper and blockchain related content.

  • We see the advertising landscape from the vantage point of numerous finished projects in blockchain and other domains, allowing us to command mission specific instruments to help you reach your goal.

  • We work side by side with major blockchain media and opinion makers, guaranteeing you the best conditions for both essential marketing kit and tailor-made PR campaigns.

Why Us for Blockchain Technology Solutions

  • Experienced Blockchain Developers
  • Strong Portfolio
  • One Stop Solution
  • Quality-to-Price Ratio
  • Seamless Communication
  • Support & Maintenance

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What is an ICO?

Initial coin offering or ICO is a medium of exchange or trading of cryptocurrencies of liquid value for future cryptocoins. It is used to raise money to form a new cryptocurrency project. ICO’s are done by the project’s supporters and developers to mutually gain from it by distributing and regulating initial coin supply.

How ICO’s works?

ICO usually takes place in the early stages of the project. Initially, ICO’s were introduced with the idea to pre-sell coins/tokens to investors and fund new projects. A whitepaper is presented by the entrepreneur describing the technical specifications and business model of the project. A timeline is set and a coin distribution and target budget are decided. At the crowdfunding stage, new tokens are purchased with established cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Blockchain.

How to initiate your ICO Funding?

  • Ideation & White Paper Creation.
  • Pre-Creative Support & Dashboard Setup.
  • Initial Coin Offering open to all.
  • Wallet Set Up & Coin Drop


  • There are a lot of formalities and compliances should to be taken care of when it comes to the law in cryptocurrency market.
  • Depending upon the requirement, quotations are prepared.
  • Rough estimation for ICO legal comes out to be Quotation + GST, which includes company registration to every other thing.
  • Rough estimation for STO legal comes out to be Quotation + GST, which includes company registration to every other thing.


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For Business:

  • Quick and Secure
  • Economic Growth
  • Growth of Company Value Perception
  • Building New Customer Base
  • Efficient Fundraising Opportunity

For Token Buyers:

  • Highly Secured
  • Referral Bonus
  • Highest Profitable Growth
  • Simplicity and Convenience
  • Minimal Entry Threshold

Our Services

With our services you will be able to promote your project to millions of potential investors (locally and internationally). Our team will start placing the very next day after campaign approval and run the full-scale campaign within a week.

Creative Support

Creativity is the soul of any company. The support of the creative team is must for any company. Apart from branding, a company must have a strong command over their creative team. This is because creativity gives life to the services which may otherwise be boring or insignificant to the customers.


Technical Support

The tech team monitors and maintains the computer and network systems with the installation and configuring systems, solving technical problems and diagnosing the hardware and software faults.


Team Support

Great things happen when all the members of the team take the role that maximizes their strengths, their talent, skills, and experience. The support team's role is crucial in enabling the leader to lead with focus and success.


Digital Marketing

Marketing is a very important part of a company. There are many ways by which marketing can be done, and digital marketing is the most popular one amongst all. This is because everyone is getting digitalised and it is the best way for promoting the company.


Social Media Marketing

The social media marketing team is responsible for putting the strategist’s social media marketing plan into action. They will engage customers and other stakeholders on social networking sites. They are well informed about the trends and shifts in social media demographics.


Public Relations

The team which is responsible for public relations has got a very prime role to do within a company. The work of any company must be crisp, clear enough, and understandable up to a level which is as low as a layman’s language and we take this care for our clients. It must be presented transparently, evident enough to attain the trust of users to display tremendous strength and stability.


Event Support

ICO Designer makes it possible and feasible adequately, for a company to be visible. The event management team is responsible for it and they have selected jewels from a bunch of people and are highly and exceedingly good at their work. These people make sure that the company is in the right spotlight and that the right audience is strived upon.


There are a lot of speaking opportunities, participating chances. Finding speakers or speaking boot camp turns out to be a headache, but our team manage it swiftly to get a good number of potential clients.

About Us

ICO Designer is a team of innovative professionals who believe in offering avant-garde ICO business concept and converting them into real-world business solution for our clients. Since the inception of ICO Designer, we keep our head directed towards an ad hoc projects which will ween over others showcasing our potential and setting up industry benchmark in the neo-world of cryptocurrency.

Innovation meets innovation

We help you transform your innovative idea into reality. When you have a vision then we have expertise to transform your idea into a real-business scenario.

Security, Reliability, & Authenticity

Our product maneuver contains extensive use of cryptographic identification and cryptographic hashing, making your product an ideal and secure solution.

360-degree Support

We not only transform your business ideas into profitable real-business scenario but also we nurture your business to be streamlined and scalable at every step with our seamless support.

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